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Billing Systems
Faces and Objects recognition
11+ On the market
6000+ Automated workplaces
8 Regions of presence
100+ Realized projects
14 mln. End users of the systems


Blockchain technologies and highload systems.

More than 11 years of experience it the development of the complicated systems.

Blockchain Technologies

Leader in the development of simple and complicated systems on Blockchain

Online contracts systems with a full transaction cycle — identification in Blockchain, contract protection in Blockchain and online arbitrage in London

Ready for joint venture creation with a major customer and for financing the IT development

Billing Systems

Highload billing systems

  • Common Utilities (high expertise)
  • Payment and Ticket Systems
  • Web Portals

Faces and Objects Recognition

  • Identification of a personality in airports, railway stations, when handling ATMs, etc.
  • Analysis of license plates, car models using photo/video
  • Analysis of brands and clothes on photo and video for building targeted marketing & SMM products

Custom Software Development

Individual conditions for big business — tailor-made software solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Software solutions of industrial level with complicated business logic

Big Data and BI

Tools for working with dissimilar sources of information, building analytics and real-time forecasts based on a large amount of data

Our Advantages

  • Best IT solutions with the use of new technologies in billing, Blockchain, faces and objects recognition

  • High expertise in Common Utility billing systems sector

  • Free express analysis of business processes, readiness to partnership for product creation

  • Highly organised business processes, including BI, development and testing

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Stable and modern highload IT solutions with new technologies — real competitive advantages
Reduce costs — profit increase
Reduction of employees errors — profit increase
Deep analytics for management decision — profit increase
Competitive advantage over competitors — profit increase


Blockchain contract

The system of protection of contracts on Blockchain, the identification and electronic signatures on Blockchain, the arbitration court in London online for contracts protected in the system

Centralized Billing and Payment Distribution for Common Utilities

Automatic calculations control system for Common Utilities provides centralized service of consumers and combines all the information streams within the geographically distributed structure of the organization. This guarantees absolute control and transparency of the processes

Identity System

System aims for faces identification with the help of deep machine learning. Allows to recognize faces and objects at an angle, on a poor quality video

Complaint Management System

Business processes automation of notification and complaint management, as well as judicial and executive work

Automated system for solid municipal waste management

Optimization of the activity of a regional operator in the treatment with solid municipal waste. Aims to control financial and informational flows of the solid municipal waste field

Integration, сorporate information system

Realization of interaction between information systems within the organization and integration with external information systems

Regional Budgeting, Planning and Control System

Automatic system of total building renovation management is intended to centralized planning and work control in the regional scale

Unified Information System for Utilities

Unified information system provides collection, processing, distribution, storage, provision and using the information about utilities sector

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Our implementations

Up to date large-scale IT projects have been realized in several regions of Russia

Moscow St. Petersburg Yaroslavl region Chelyabinsk region Ulyanovsk region Tyumen region Tula region Ryazan Oblast Oryol Region Omsk Region Lipetsk region Kursk Region Kurgan region Kaliningrad region Ivanovo region Khabarovsk region Chechen Republic Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Republic of Kalmykia The Republic of Ingushetia Altai Republic Kirov region Tambov Region Kostroma region Chukotka Autonomous District Jewish Autonomous Region Tyva Republic Sakhalin Region Amur region The Republic of Buryatia The Republic of Khakassia Kemerovo Region Novosibirsk region Altai region The Republic of Dagestan Stavropol region Kabardino-Balkaria Republic Karachay-Cherkessia Republic Rostov region Samara Region Mari El Republic Chuvash Republic Nizhny Novgorod Region Moscow region Kaluga region Belgorod region Transbaikal region Primorsky Krai Kamchatka Krai Magadan Region Voronezh region Smolensk region Sverdlovsk region Perm Region Republic of Crimea Sevastopol Krasnodar region Orenburg region Republic of Bashkortostan Republic of Tatarstan Udmurt republic Nenets Autonomous Okrug Arhangelsk region The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Irkutsk region Krasnoyarsk region Tomsk Region Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area - Yugra The Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District Komi Republic Tver region Bryansk region Murmansk region Penza region Vladimir region Leningrad region Astrakhan Region Volgograd region Saratov region The Republic of Mordovia The Republic of Karelia Pskov region Novgorod region Vologda Region
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